Zella's is a tribute to my grandmother, who taught me the value of a great meal and the way in which it can unify people. I baked and cooked alongside her as a child and it’s those special memories that inspired me to transition from leading youth development programs to creating and serving home-cooked meals that allow everyone to experience a little bit of my grandmother Zella.

Zella grew her own vegetables, raised chickens, made her own jam and even churned butter. She taught me to cook using the freshest ingredients and to gather people together around meals. When people tell me "this reminds me of home" or "your food is sooooo good" I'm reminded of why I love what I do. It just makes me happy.

I started Zella's in 2005 after a successful career in youth development and community advocacy. It was great work, but I found that I was equally excited about the next dinner party or event I was catering on the side. So I made the decision to leap into Zella's full-time and was accepted into the food entrepreneur program at La Cocina. My business kept growing and Whole Foods Noe Valley selected Zella's to be one of the few prepared foods they offered. We are opening in our new space in Oakland City Center in downtown  Oakland. Stop by, taste some food, and say hello.

—Chef Dionne Knox

Covid Update:

Greetings! We hope this message finds you well. We are planning on re-opening Zella's in August 2021. Given the current climate of COVID-19, we will be heeding all CDC recommendations once we re-open. 


In the meantime, stay healthy, be well and we'll see you soon! 






Farm fresh food that feeds the soul


Tuesday — Friday: 


Saturday - Monday:


499 14th St., ste. 117, Oakland CA

@ 12th street Bart

(At City Center Plaza

inside Oak Harvest Kitchen)

Phone: (510) 604-5887

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